Ready-to-use Modules make your life easier!

There are a variety of ready-to-use modules, pick the ones that your application requires!

  • Dashboard

    An attractive dashboard, coupled with custom widgets, gives you and your clients great visibility.

  • Page Management

    Content management out of the box. Add custom fields to enhance your pages.

  • Media Management

    Centralised Media Management, define image thumbnail dimensions.

  • Flexible Permissions

    The permissions are flexible, and easily manageable. Define permissions easily in a configuration file.

  • Easy Module Management

    Manage all your modules in the Workshop. Publish assets, view change logs and more!

  • Customise your Menus

    Manage multiple menus, re-order items by drag & drop, and display them anywhere.

Easy to install

Get up and running in less than 5 minutes! Clone the repository, run the installation script and you're ready to go.


Asgard CMS is fully multilingual with support for a vast array of languages. Manage languages easily through the CMS interface!


Asgard CMS is fully modular. Each part of the CMS is a separate, decoupled module.

Developer tools

AsgardCms is made for developers - the built-in rapid-development tools allow you to stop wasting your time on architecture and focus on the functionality!


Quickly create new modules with the command line scaffolding tool. You'll have a translatable, PSR-4 compliant module within seconds.


Quickly create new themes from the command line. Theme inheritence is also supported, powered by the Stylist package.

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