User Module

The User module configuration file can be found at config/asgard/user/config.php.

Adding data on the users table

You can add additional columns on the users table if that's really needed. For instance if you want to have an username.

This defaults to the following fields:

'fillable' => [

Changing login columns

On the Sentinel user driver, you can choose which columns you would like to use as login attribute. By default this uses the email column.

'login-columns' => ['email'],

You'll notice this is an array, indeed Sentinel allows multiple possible login columns.

Changing redirect route after login

Define which route to redirect to after a successful login.

This defaults to the homepage route.

'redirect_route_after_login' => 'homepage',

Changing redirect route if not logged in

Define which route the user should be redirected to after accessing a resource that requires to be logged in.

'redirect_route_not_logged_in' => 'auth/login',

Allow/Disallow user registrations

Allow anonymous user registration. If this is diabled the link to register a new account and its routes will be disabled.

'allow_user_registration' => true,

User driver

Define which user driver to use.

It defaults to Sentinel.

'driver' => 'Sentinel',

Make sure to install the wanted driver on composer first.

Also, be sure to check out the User Drivers documentation page for additional info on how to create new user & role drivers.

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