Displaying menus

Menu Module

Displaying Menus

After creating menus, you can easily display them on your theme using the following notation:

{!! Menu::get('main') !!}

main is the name you gave your menu in the administration panel. That's it. By default this will use boostrap's styling and structure

Digging deeper

AsgardCMS leverages a lot of well tested community packages. Managing menus isn't the exception. We use Pingpong-labs/Menus for handling the menus. You can check out its documentation to learn how to create custom presenters.

The chance will be pretty big you won't be using bootstrap in your clients project. Pingpong-labs/Menus has made this very easy to customise. By creating a custom presenter you can define the structure of your menu.

Custom presenter

To create custom presenters you need to create a class that extends the Pingpong\Menus\Presenters\Presenter abstract class. This is an example for Pingpong-labs/Menu's documentation:

use Pingpong\Menus\Presenters\Presenter; class ZurbTopBarPresenter extends Presenter { /** * {@inheritdoc } */ public function getOpenTagWrapper() { return PHP_EOL . '<section class="top-bar-section">' . PHP_EOL; } /** * {@inheritdoc } */ public function getCloseTagWrapper() { return PHP_EOL . '</section>' . PHP_EOL; } /** * {@inheritdoc } */ public function getMenuWithoutDropdownWrapper($item) { return '<li'.$this->getActiveState($item).'><a href="'. $item->getUrl() .'">'.$item->getIcon().' '.$item->title.'</a></li>'; } /** * {@inheritdoc } */ public function getActiveState($item) { return \Request::is($item->getRequest()) ? ' class="active"' : null; } /** * {@inheritdoc } */ public function getDividerWrapper() { return '<li class="divider"></li>'; } /** * {@inheritdoc } */ public function getMenuWithDropDownWrapper($item) { return '<li class="has-dropdown"> <a href="#"> '.$item->getIcon().' '.$item->title.' </a> <ul class="dropdown"> '.$this->getChildMenuItems($item).' </ul> </li>' . PHP_EOL; ; } }

To register this new presenter you need to add it to the package configuration (config/packages/pingpong/menus/config.php)

return array(
    'navbar'        =>  'Pingpong\Menus\Presenters\Bootstrap\NavbarPresenter',
    'navbar-right'  =>  'Pingpong\Menus\Presenters\Bootstrap\NavbarRightPresenter',
    'nav-pills'     =>  'Pingpong\Menus\Presenters\Bootstrap\NavPillsPresenter',
    'nav-tab'       =>  'Pingpong\Menus\Presenters\Bootstrap\NavTabPresenter',

    'zurb-top-bar'  =>  'ZurbTopBarPresenter',

Next you can call Menu::render('zurb-top-bar', 'ZurbTopBarPresenter'); before calling the Menu::get() method.

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