Media Module

The Media module configuration file can be found at config/asgard/media/config.php.


Define the filesystem you would like to use to store the media. Currently only disk and s3 are supported.

Feel free to an UrlResolver for your desired filesystem as a pull request.

'filesystem' => 'local',

Media assets path

This is the path where the media files will be uploaded.

It defaults to /assets/media/.

'files-path' => '/assets/media/',

Allowed types

Specify all the allowed file extensions a user can upload on the server.

It defaults to .jpg,.png.

'allowed-types' => '.jpg,.png',

Max file size

Determine the max file size upload rate, defined in mb.

It defaults to 5mb.

'max-file-size' => '5',

Max total size

Determine the max total media folder size, expressed in bytes.

It defaults to 1000000000 bytes (1gb).

'max-total-size' => 1000000000,

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