Core Module

This Core Module has one main configuration item, you'll find it at config/asgard/core/core.php.

Admin Prefix

With this configuration you can set how you access the admin dashboard. By default it is set to backend. Meaning you can access your admin dashboard on the following url localhost:8000/backend (if you're using the artisan serve command).

'admin-prefix' => 'backend'

Themes Path

This is the location of the Themes.

'themes_path' => base_path() . '/Themes',

Admin theme

With this setting you can change the theme used in the administration. Make sure your admin theme has the type set to backend.

It defaults to AdminLTE.

'admin-theme' => 'AdminLTE',

AdminLTE skin

You can customize the AdminLTE colors with this setting. The following colors are available for you to use:

  • skin-blue,
  • skin-green,
  • skin-black,
  • skin-purple,
  • skin-red,
  • skin-yellow.

This defaults to the blue skin.

'skin' => 'skin-blue',

Custom Ckeditor Config path

In case you wish to customise ckeditor and the default configuration provided doesn't suit you, you can define a custom ckeditor configuration file here. The paths needs to be relative to the public/ directory.


'ckeditor-config-file-path' => '/assets/config_custom.js',


Here you can add or remove middleware of different types of routes (admin, frontend and api). Add your own middleware here on their respective types.

Mobile Analytics