Create a theme

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The theme scaffolder is a command line tool that will give you the ability to generate themes in a matter of seconds.

To have a quick idea on what it does you can check out this quickcast.


The usage is pretty simple and straightforward. Simply call the following command from the project root:

php artisan asgard:theme:scaffold

You will be asked the following questions:

  • What is the theme name

    This is in the following format vendor/name all lowercase.

  • Do you wish to make a backend or front end theme ?

And that's it. You'll find you newly created theme under the Themes/ directory.

Manual creation

You can create themes manually as well, all a theme needs is the theme.json file to be registerable on the Stylist package.

After you created the theme.json file, run a php artisan cache:clear.

In both cases you will need to active the theme from the backend Settings page, "Front end template".

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