Page Hooks

Page Module

The page module comes with the following hooks. You can hook into those using the usual listener logic.

Please view the hook section in the Core module.



The PageIsUpdating has one more method:

  • getPage(): Will return the page being updated

PageIsUpdating Example

To keep the example simple we're going to use an inline listener using a closure instead of a full class.

Lets say you want to upper case the page titles:

Event::listen(PageIsUpdating::class, function (PageIsUpdating $event) {
    $attributes = [
        'en' => ['title' => strtoupper($this->getAttributes('en.title'))]
        'fr' => ['title' => strtoupper($this->getAttributes('fr.title'))]


This hook is used in the body Accessor of a page. Every time you'll call $page->body this hook will be triggered. You can still use ->getOriginal('body') on the PageTranslation entity like any laravel model to bypass this accessor.

Available methods:

  • getBody(): Will return the current body content
  • setBody(''): Sets the body element
  • getOriginal(): Get the original body without any changes by other listeners

You could use this hook to add short codes to your page body section for example.

ContentIsRendering Example

Event::listen(ContentIsRendering::class, function (ContentIsRendering $event) {
    $content = str_replace('[shortcode]', 'My Awesome Code', $event->getBody(); 

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