AsgardCms goes into Open Beta

AsgardCms is moving, fast

I'm excited to tell you that AsgardCms is now getting to a point where everyone can try it out without having to opt-in. Indeed all modules have been tagged 1.0.0 and running on Laravel 5.1! Please checkout the new install page to have AsgardCms installed in a couple of seconds.

For those of you who already have access for a couple of months, know that there has been a lot a changes and that it might be a good idea to give AsgardCms a second try.

I've recently updated the website to use AsgardCms running laravel 5.1. User accounts can now be made for new features that will be coming on the site very soon.

I'm actively working on the module and theme listing that will be displayed on the website. The goal is to make a place where people can easily search for modules or themes and install them on their application. Later on, everyone will be able to publish modules and themes on this platform.

If you haven't yet, you should follow AsgardCms on twitter to be kept up to date with the development progress. Also, consider joining our Slack channel to chat about AsgardCms, general development and AsgardCms support.

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